Realmgate is a leading manufacturer of innovative mobile communications software applications and IT devices that serve the Push-to-Talk over Cellular market.

Our Cloud-based Push-to-Talk over Cellular Network was launched in 2017 and has carefully positioned ‘Channel-Assigned Servers’ around the Globe, this deploys optimal routing that reduces latency and delivers high-quality communications anywhere.

Our focus is delivering customers the best possible experience using Push-to-Talk. The Realmgate-powered Network is purpose-built for Push-to-Talk (PTT) and other advanced mobile solutions that focus on enabling instant and group-based communications.

Realmgate is also a leading designer and manufacturer of professional Two-Way Radio IP Gateways which support Hytera mobile DMR terminals and Repeaters. Our latest R400 Gateway has a SIM Slot (no fixed-IP required) and is powered at 12-19V enabling mobile operation.

Our R400 Gateway operates as a Private PTToC Server, but it has four integrated DMR Radio Ports on the rear panel and communicates over IP with up-to 8 remote DMR Repeaters.

The R400 is a first choice product for any communications company wanting to operate their own Private PTToC Network and be able to integrate with traditional Two-Way Radio systems.


At Realmgate, we understand the customer’s needs for completely customized solutions to fit their specific applications. We offer customization services on our standard Realmgate product lines in which customers can leverage the ready-made components and designs to accelerate time to market.

  • PTToC Network Server Software
  • PTToC Terminal Apps
  • Smartphone PTToC Apps
  • Tablet PTToC Apps
  • Wireless Bluetooth Programming App
  • Radio Dispatch Software
  • Two-Way Radio IP Gateways
  • DMR/PTToC Integration Software
  • Private PTToC Servers