Whilst radio fleets can operate as individuals and groups without the need of the console dispatch software, the Realmgate Dispatch software and hardware solution greatly enhances the versatility and features available.


The user friendly displays give quick visual indication of who is “On-Air”, what group they belong to and where they are. Communication to the Fleet, Sub Group or a private call to an individual user is just a simple press of the space bar or mouse. Temporary groups can also be selected and communicated without the need to re-program the radio.


The Realmgate platform records all voice and track logs. For example, the dispatcher can go back in time and listen to the voice recording of a particular radio 6 weeks prior between the hours of 2:00am and 4:00am and also check where the radio was at any particular time.


Built-in safety features like the SOS emergency alarm initiated from a radio is instantly shown on the map page with audio alarm. Geo-Fencing can be set by the dispatcher and alarms set for radios leaving the fenced perimeter. Together with the “Lone Worker” feature, where timers that can be set for individual users, the Realmgate Dispatcher contributes significantly to improvement of health & safety.