R400 PTT over Cellular Gateway


Realmgate R400 PTT over Cellular Gateway


The R400 Gateway is a fully capable hardware device, but for customer flexibility it is sold as a bare-bones device with no configuration enabled by default.  This allows customers to tailor the Gateway to their needs without having any features enabled that are not required.

The Gateway can be configured to either be a Master unit or a Slave unit.  Master units can be configured to provide the full service and feature set provided.  Slave units are generally configured to work as DMR Radio gateways for interconnection to the Master server and network.

Below, we’ve provided guideline pricing for all of our Gateway bolt-on packages to enable various features.

ItemPurchase PriceHire Price
Barebones R400 Gateway£1,299--
5,000 Users PTToC License £2,000--
10,000 Users PTToC License (50% Saving!)£3,000 --
Radio Port Activation£500£25 weekly
Standard Support for 2 YearsFREE--
Partner Support for 1 Year£30 yearly--

All prices are exclusive of VAT.